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Math Helper

Math Chapter Test 10

term each quantity in a series or algebraic expresion Do you know that answer to the _____ x in question four. numbers and equation variable and in an equation
equality having the equal amount of size, value, quantity, etc. "Mr. Alquist," said Alex. "Will the Ch. Test contain the Multiplication Propety of _______. inequality, unbalanced, and different same amount, balanced, equal, indifferent, and exactly
multiplication an increase in numbers "Fred, by what number of ________ have our stocks in the market increased," asked Shmi. decreased and division times, increase, cell, multiply, and duplication
net the surface area of a rectangalur prism on a flat sheet of paper or cardboard. "You are assigned a project in which you have an option to make a _____," said Mr. Alquist. volume, inside, and internal surface area, external, and outside
acre a measurement of land in square units From the top of the skyscraper, Jimmy could see thousands and thousands of _____ of city. length, one-dimensional, and a tiny bit of land two-dimensional, measures land, and measures the area
area the measure of a surface area in square units "We'll need a lot more _____ of land to build this theme restaurant," commented Jake. distance, one-dimensional, and space region, measures in square units, and it's two-dimensional
altitude the height of something The _____ of the triangle that Jack drew was 14 inches high. depth and distance downward height, distance upward, and elevation
base a side in which the height or altitude is perpendicular to Needing to know the ____ of a trapezoid is essential in solving the problem of the area. height, top, and above bottom,ground, and floor
triangle a polygon with three sides "Did you know that all the _____ angles added up together equal 180 degrees," asked Jane. rectangle,circle, square and parallelogram two-dimensional, three sides, and three angles which add up to 180 degrees
trapezoid a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides We were just taught how to find the area of a ______. rectangle, parallelogram, circle and square quadrilateral, at least one pair of parallel sides, and its area formula is 1/2*h(B1+B2)
formula a bunch of numbers and variables representing some mathematical rule, etc. In math, we always have to know the _______ of the shapes we're studying. numbers, variables, and phrases an equation using variables, method, procedure, and rule
addition the process in adding two variables or numbers in an equation "Hi Mom," Tad said as he entered the house. "I just learned ______ in school today. subtraction, difference, divide, and decrease sum, total, increase, and add
subtraction to minus a number or variable from another in an equation "We use _____ everyday in our life, so it is very important," Jeffrey explained. addition, increase, adding, estimation, and multiplication minus, decrease, division, and take away
Nothing you are not doing something. My mom was_________ in the town. will I don't no
Created by: Alex Yeh