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WTW -Random prefixes

Words Their Way Random prefixes (sub-, com-, pro- en-) Unit4.4

submerge to put underwater or in some other liquid The crew submerged the submarine.
subatomic of or pertaining to particles contained within or processes occurring within an atom
subcommittee a committee appointed or delegated, usu. for some limited or special purpose, from the membership of the main committee
subconscious designating those mental activities that are beyond one's awareness She was driven by subconscious motives.
subcontinent a large, partly separate land mass forming part of a continent
com- "with" or "together'
compress to press into less space; squeeze closely together I compressed the clothes so that they would fit into the suitcase
communicate to make known I communicated the message to him.
communism a system of government in which all factories, farms, and natural resources are owned in common.
comrade a close friend who shares one's main interests. My comrades and I went skateboarding after school.
commune to be in close or intimate communication He lives a solitary life and communes with almost no one.
en- "causing something to happen" used to form transitive verbs enable, enforce
enlarge to make larger She enlarged her collection of dolls.
enclose to close in or shut in with walls or a container. They enclosed their back yard with a fence.
endorse to give support to; approve of. He endorsed her for governor.
endow to give money or property to. She endowed a building for the homeless.
engrave to cut a design or lettering into He engraved their names in the marble.
pro- "for" "forward" or "in favor of"
progress forward movement toward an end. Are you making any progress with your work?
proceed to move forward after a stop. After you give your name, you may proceed to the front of the line.
procure to get or get hold of by effort; obtain. During the war, it was difficult to procure the medicine that his wife needed.
profess to claim or state as true. She professed sadness but felt none.
prologue an introduction to a spoken or written work such as a speech or play; preface. The author describes the antagonist in the prologue to the novel.
sub- "below" or "under"
Created by: GatorSpeller