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Pret.-car,gar, zar

Practice the verbs in the

I searched Busqué
I ate lunch Almorcé
I played Jugué
I took out Saqué
I crashed (chocar) Choqué
I paid Pagué
I began (Comenzar) Comencé
I enjoyed (Gozar) Gocé
You searched Buscaste
You ate lunch Almorzaste
You played Jugaste
You took out Sacaste
You crashed (Chocar) Chocaste
You paid Pagaste
He enjoyed (Gozar) Gozó
He played Jugó
He crashed (Chocar) Chocó
He paid Pagó
We paid Pagamos
We began (Comenzar) Comenzamos
We took out Sacamos
We enjoyed (Gozar) Gozamos
They played Jugaron
They took out Sacaron
They began (Comenzar) Comenzaron
I shaved Me afeité
They shaved Se afeitaron
I bathed Me bañé
You bathed Te afeitaste
I got up Me levanté
They got up Se levantaron
I stayed Me quedé
You stayed Te quedaste
He/She stayed Se quedó
We stayed Nos quedamos
Y'all stayed Os quedasteis
They stayed Se quedaron
I sat down Me senté
You sat down Te sentaste
He/She sat down Se sentó
We sat down Nos sentamos
They sat down Se sentaron
I snacked Merendé
He/She snacked Merendó
They snacked Merendaron
I recommended Recomendé
You recommended Recomendaste
They recommended Recomendaron
I tried Probé
You tried Probaste
They tried Probaron
I practiced Practiqué
They practiced Practicaron
You practiced Practicaste
I listened Escuché
You listened Escuchaste
They listened Escucharon
I spoke Hablé
You spoke Hablaste
He/She spoke Habló
We spoke Hablamos
Y'all spoke Hablasteis
They spoke Hablaron
I explained Expliqué
You explained Explicaste
They explained Explicaron
We explained Explicamos
I downloaded (bajar) Bajé
They downloaded Bajaron
I advanced (avanzar) Avancé
He/She advanced (avanzar) Avanzó
They advanced (avanzar) Avanzaron
I applied (aplicar) Apliqué
You applied (aplicar) Aplicaste
He/She applied (aplicar) Aplicó
They applied (aplicar) Aplicaron
I memorized. (memorizar) Memoricé
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