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Novel vocab

determined, relentless, go getting Tenacious
thrilled , excited Exuberant
capable of making mistakes fallible
not caring apathetic
to look down upon someone condescend
to soothe console
pale or lacking color pallid
bulky or heavy cumbersome
misshapen, deformed, in appearance disfigurement
appearance, likeness semblance
a strong desire or wish to accomplish something penchant
a spiritual journey, a lengthy journey pilgrimage
small seizures, mini violent motions convulsions
deeply in love with, infatuated enamored
raw cuss: out of control, mischievous, chaos, out of control situation raucous
tiny little details of life… trivial details magazine, insignificant details MIN- oo--SH minutiae
important people, people with dignity dignitaries
courage and skill(emphasis on skill) prowess
random ----off topic ----out of time errant
peaceful tranquil
a quick trip , like an errand junket
a member of the elite, special people, like royalty gallantry
praise adulation
a positive, magnetic personality, a quality of charm charisma
quiet, calm, relaxed, almost withdrawn complacent
like tenacious, passionate, strong vehement
tranquil, peaceful serene
to sneer or mock, make fun of in an evil way jeer
having a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage despondent
a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause melancholy
the willingness to take bold risks---boldness,-fearlessness, audacity
the expression of formal disapproval censure
having disdainful or arrogant pride haughty
a series of words used to make something magic happen. incantation
changing moods quickly and often mercurial
a person who is hated and rejected by other people pariah
old and no longer used, of or relating to ancient times archaic
displaying wealth, knowledge, etc., in a way that is meant to attract attention ostentatious
male-based society patriarchal
young “bird,” new to flight fledgling
native(from that area) to a land or area indigenous
someone who “sees” into the future and will lead prophet
a spiritual time of “watching” and waiting vigil
usual as in practice, “normal”, “regular” conventional
contrary, argumentative, stubborn minded perverse
stubborn obstinate
problem difficulty adversity
glum, sad, depressed disconsolate
individuals who will continue a legacy--children descendent
to move unsteadily, stumble, stagger faltering
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