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Mr.Rowe's notes on sentences

what is clause? A clause is a sentence that has both a subject and a predicate.It may or may not complete a thought.
list the two types of clauses dependent and independent
what is a independent clause? has both a subject and predicate and completes a thought
what is a dependent clause? has both a subject and a predicate but does not complete a thought
list three common subordinators although, when, because
what is an example of an dependent clause ? EX-when sue ate a pice of candy,
what is an example of an independent ?a EX-Sue ate a piece of candy.
what is phrase? A phrase is a group of words that NEVER have a noun/verb pair together. if a phrase is long & begins a sentence, follow the comma
list the two types of phrases prepositional phrase participle phrase
give three example of a prepositional phrase according to the weather forecast across many deserts a after may tries
give three example of a participle phrase fond of brushing her are she alway a silky locks. the trash can sat in the corner, brimming with trash. Ron loved his new hiking shoes, he even wore the to church.
define a simple sentence a simple sentence can have many subjects /predicates, but it only competes one thought.It has just one independent clause!
example of a simple sentence with a phrase EX-john went to the park
example of a simple sentence with a compound predicate EX-john,bubba,and mary lou went for a very long walk in the crowed park
define a compound sentence 1.a compound sentence has two or more independent clauses and is joined by a FANBOYS 2.for,and,nor,but,or,yet,so. 3.unless it is a very short compound sentence, place a comma before the FANBOYS
example of a compound sentence EX-I like pie and i also enjoy ice cream
define a complex sentence a dependent clause(or subordinate clause)has both a subject and predicate but does not express a complete thought and cannot stand alone as a sentence.Most dependent clauses are introduced by words like:because, although,when,if,while,which,andsience...th
what is another name for dependent clause? subordinate
example of complex sentence-dependent clause first dependent clause+independent clause=comma
example of complex sentence independent clause first independent clause+dependent clause=no comma
what is a fragment sentence it is part of sentence that is written as if it were a complete sentence.
example of a fragment sentence missing a predicate 1.the student on Rolling Thunder .
example of a fragment sentence missing a subject 2.jumping off tables in the cafeteria
what is a run on sentence? this is two or more sentences written as though it were a single sentence
example of a run on sentence i love to ski, the runs at bogus are amazing!
how do you fix a run on sentence 1.add a period 2.add a semi-colon!OR...create a compound sentence
write a sentence that separates two adjectives used together (Rule 1) Playing time on my basketball team is divided between Paige, Mac, and myself.
Write three different compound sentences with different FANBOYS (rule 2) add played goalie, and ash played center
write a sentence that uses a noun of direct address (rule3) Marta, do your chores
Begin a sentence with an interjection(Rule 4A) yes, i can go tomorrow
Begin a sentence with a preposition phrase (Rule 4C) under the pergola, ,my dogs took a nap
begin a sentence with a participle phrase (Rule 4D) Tiring from the long runs was lapped by everyone
Begin a sentence with a subordinate (dependent)no comma Used! while i am in my english classy feel like a king
write a sentence that uses an appositive(Rule 5) i was talking to Mrs.Williams,the reading teacher, then I threw up
write a sentence with extra information(Rule 6) Marta,without a doubt ,is the most attractive women on earth
write a sentence with a city and state in the middle of the sentence (rule7) the great thing about Boise,Idaho,is the wonderful My birthday is June 30 and i expect a present
Created by: 2006marta