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Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead

dia de los muertos day of the dead: time to celebrate the death and life of departed friends and loved ones
angelitos little angels: infants and children who have died and are believed to have a special place in heaven
el 1 y 2 de noviembre two days spent in honor of the dead: first day celebrates infants and children who died; second day is in honor of adults who have passed on
pan de muertos bread of the dead: traditional sweet bread baked and eaten by families of the dead and also placed on the ofrenda altar
el panteón cemetery: visiting the cemetery is a popular tradition that is spent in a picnic environment
la tumba the tomb or grave site- cleaned up and decorated by the family members
la ofrenda offering altar set up in families' homes to honor
las flores flowers: marigolds and their petals are most commonly used to decorate the altars and the tombs
las velas candles- placed on the altar to guide the souls to the altar
el papel picado paper cut-out - technique of cutting out special designs in colorful tissue paper banners or flags that are then used to decorate ofrendas.
las calaveritas sugar skulls: traditional folk art of Mexico in which a sugar mixture is pressed into skull-shaped molds
las calacas whimsical decorated skeleton figures- represent death and used as popular decoration for day of the dead altars
el copal resin used as incense- placed on altar to help guide spirits home
atole hot Mexican drink made with cornstarch and used to nourish and warm the spirits when they return or leave
champurrado chocolate (atole) drink
los chapulines fried or grilled seasoned grasshoppers commonly eaten by Mexicans
mole spicy chocolate sauce
calabaza en tacha candied pumpkin- traditional Mexican dessert often used on the family altars
ponche hot Mexican fruit punch; sometimes spiked with a little rum
una tradición a tradition
celebrar to celebrate
la vida life
la muerte death
los difuntos the dead
limpiar to clean
la gente people
recordar to remember
poner to put
decorar decorar
guiar to guide
llevar to bring
el altar altar
iluminar to light
las velas candles
el cementerio cementery
la ofrenda oferring
alegria joy
se celebra is celebrated
una mezcla a mix
la tumba tomb
representa/n it represents/they represent
sirve/n para it's used for/they're used for
la calavera skull
el esqueleto skeleton
cempzuchitl marigold
la caléndula marigold
la ofrenda offering
el pan de muerto bread of the dead
el altar altar
la vela candle
la fotografía photograph
el papel picado perforated paper
los angelitos little angels
la alma soul
la iglesia church
el cementerio cemetary
el cielo sky
la cruz cross
las calaveras de azúcar sugar skulls
la tumba tomb
la mascara mask
el dizfraz costume
la comida food
los juguetes toys
los refrescos drinks
el chocolate caliente hot chocolate
las flores flowers
Debe uno poner... One should put...
Created by: marykate.donovan



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