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Chapters 23-27, 41

Walk Two Moons Ch. 23-27, 41, C

plummeted To fall straight down; plunge Andy's clarinet _____ down the 700 foot cliff to its end. go up, rise London Bridge is Falling Down!
careening to lurch or swerve while in motion Andy's clarinet went _____ off left and right and up and down. straight, not curvy left, right, left, right
tentatively uncertain; hesitant He sat down _____ because he didn't trust Andy with his $100,000 diamond. sure Hmmmmmmm
optimistic one who usually expects a favorable outcome Our wonderful teacher said, "Are you _____ about 2004?" cheerless, gloomy "I have good feelings about this class."
unadulterated non-corrupted Bob sat down in the brand new, _____ chair, and he was chewing gum. corrupted "That was not tampered with."
besieging to harass or importune, as with requests Andy was ____ Mrs. Tubbs with questions about the assignment. answering "Let's bombard Alex with questions."
hairpin u turns on a road "That car took a _____ turn on the road over there." straight line Turn around. (Action)
Created by: Andy