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Chapter 13-14,44C

Walk Two Moons Ch. 13-14, 44C

slathered to cover with something The girls were (blank) with glue from their art project. uncover icing on a cake
clobbering to strike violently, repeatedly The man with a black hood was (blank) the lady working at the bank. aid or protect takes place in a murder
deprived to take something away The less fortunate kids were (blank) from school because they could not afford it. to give or offer steal
anonymous unknown When I got home I found an (blank) letter. identified letter in the mail that is not signed.
gouged to cut or scoop out or a digging action Anna and Laren (blank) at the heavy, tough soil to bury their beloved dead bird. to fill or cover up The hole was 36 inches low.
prodded to jab or poke, as with a pointed object The girls in the park (blank) at the ant holes in the sand making little holes in their houses. (blank) poking someone with a pencil
hankering a desperate desire or wanting Sarah was the one (blank) to see Grandma Lilian the most. dislike, don't want I really want to eat tacos, chocolate, pudding and cake for dinner.
Created by: Monica