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Walk Two Moons chapter 30-33C

visualized to create a vivid positive mental picture of something such as a desired outcome to a problem, in order to promote a sense of well-being The other day when I saw the Z5267 baseball bat, I had__________ hitting 500 homeruns. see I had a dream when I was thinking about baseball.
vain in an irreverent or disrespectful manner Some people always take the Lord's name in ___. respectful Betty is very disrespectful when she talks about other people.
devised to make a plan After I saw the tears in Billy's eyes I knew we had to _____ a plan for revenge. (blank) when I make a plan I
barreled to move rapidly through someone or something At twelve in the morning I could hear many cars that _______ past my house. slow the car was racing past me
swoon to faint My mother looked like she was about to ____ when I told her I got an F in Language Arts. revive when you faint
redible not a real word, ready As I came home my Mom yelled out, "See, I am ___." not ready My mom is always ready.
berserk extremely aggressive or angry My brother went _____ after I had accidentally spilled water on his new pants. calm, cool when someone goes mad
Created by: MC2