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Emotion A feeling Emotsioon
Neutral Neither positive or negative Neutraalne
Fearful Showing or feeling fear Kartlik
Still Not moving Paigal, liikumatu
Region Area Ala
Prey An animal hunted by another Saak
Adopt Copy; start to use Omaks võtma, kopeerima
Express Show what you think or feel Väljendama
Get under my skin Annoy Ärritama
Fury Great anger Raev
Misery Great sadness Kurbus
Alone On your own Üksinda
Annoy Make angry Vihaseks/närvi ajama
Stressed So worried that you can not relax Mures/närvis
Freak out Become angry, suddenly feel shocked Paanitsema
Disappointed Sad because sth you expected did not happen Pettunud
Poor Bad Halb
Anxious Nervous or worried Mures/närviline
Pale Lacking colour Kahvatu
Down Depressed; very sad Väga kurb
Starving Very hungry Näljane
Chicken out Be too scared to do sth Araks lööma
Depression A serious feeling of sadness Depressioon
Get away Escape Põgenema
Chatty Having a friendly, informal style Jutukas
Introduce Cause sb to experience sth for the first time Tutvustama
Culture The beliefs and arts of a civilisation Kultuur
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