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Math Vocabulary 8


absolute value the distance between a number and zero on a number line
additive identity zero
y-intercept the y-coordinate of a point where a line crosses the y-axis also known as "b"
zero of a function an x-value for which f(x) = 0 (or y = 0)
whole number the set of natural (counting) numbers and zero
volume a measurement of the space that would fill an object
additive inverse the opposite of a number
algebraic expression contains numbers, variables, and operations
area a measurement of the space an object covers
associative property a(b x c) = (a x b)c OR x + (y + Z) = (x + y) + z
axis of symmetry a line that passes through the vertex and divides the parabola into two symmetric parts
base the number in a power that represents the factor being repeatedly multiplied
binomial a polynomial with two terms
coefficient the number part of a term with a variable part
commutative property a + b = b + a OR m + n = n + m
complementary angles two or more angles that have a sum of 90 degrees
composite number a whole number with factors other than one and itself
compound inequality two inequalities joined by and or or
conclusion the "then" part of a conditional statement
conditional statements contain a hypothesis and conclusion
congruent equal in size
constant term a term in an expression or equation that has no variable part
converse a statement formed by interchanging the hypothesis and the conclusion of a conditional statement
correlation the relationship between paired data, it can be positive, negative , or relatively no
constant term a term that contains a number but no variable part
counterexample an example used to show that an if -then statement is false
cross products property can be used to solve for an unknown value in a proportion a/b = c/d is the same as ad = bc
denominator the number below the fraction bar that show s the number of equal-sized parts the whole has been divided into
dependent variable the output of a function, y, range of a function
direct variation y = ax when a does not equal zero
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