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Lesson 4 Modifiers

Spanish 1, Lesson 4 Modifiers

apretado tight
desapretado loose
goteado leaky
ràpido rapid, quick
oxidado rusty, rusted
aceitoso oily
grasiento greasy
brillante/luminoso shiny, bright
dèbil/indistino/oscuro dim, weak
rayado striped, streaked
roto broken
quemado burnt
rascado scratched, scraped
arrancado/rasgado torn
desinflado flat, deflated
humeante/humoso smoking, smokey
podrido/corrompido rotted, rotten
gastado/desgaste worn out, spent, used up
inadecuado/adecuado inadequate, adequate
suficiente/bastante sufficient, enough
insuficiente insufficient, not enough
malodoroso stinking, malodorous
fragrante/oloroso fragrant
descolorido faded
liso baldn, smooth (as of a tire)
listo/preparado ready, prepared
rajado cracked
equilibrado balanced, equalized
adelante straight ahead, right away
izquierdo-a(a la) left ( to the )
derecho-a (a la) right (to the)
à(al) back (to the)
barato cheap
caro/costoso expensive
podroso/potente powerful
agrietado/inestable flawed, unstable, defective
cerrado closed
abierto open
dañado damaged
doblado bent, folded, creased
polvoroso/polviento dusty
atestado/superpoblado crowded, overpopulated
despoblado deserted, unpoopulated
casi almost
cierto certain
Created by: isaakray



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