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día de los muertos

Exploratory - día de los muertos vocabulary terms

los gollettes doughnut shaped breads, glazed with pink-colored sugar and placed on the altar
los dulces the candies
la tumba the grave
la iluminación the illumination
el cementerio the cemetery
las catrinas skeletons, dressed like rich women
el candelero the candlestick
el atole a hot drink made of corn, water and fruit
el ataúd the coffin
el arco the arch
el alfeñique the cooked sugar paste used for many candy decorations
Todos los Santos All Saints
tapetes de arena sand tapestries
papel picado decoratively cut paper used in Mexican celebrations
pan de muerto bread of the dead
ofrendas the altars and offerings left for dead loved ones during día de los muertos
Fieles Difuntos Faithful Departed
copal a resin incense used in the ofrendas
día de los muertos day of the dead
comparsa carnival-like celebration for día de los muertos
el cempasúchil the Mexican marigold flower
calavera de azucar sugar skull
la calavera the skull
la calaca the skeleton
los angelitos the little angels
Created by: SenoraEldridge
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