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ESL Confusing Words

words that sound the same or spelled almost the same

two 2
to used before a verb- to live, to work used as a preposition- to school, to the park, to the beach, to the right, to the left
too also A: I like blueberries. What about you? B: I like blueberries too!
one 1
won past tense of win The Eagles won the Super Bowl.
four 4 There four letters in the word FOUR.
for I got a gift for my birthday.
eight 8
ate past tense of eat You ate the whole pizza last night!
diner a restaurant
dinner a meal usually in the evening
right turn to the right (opposite of left) correct (Your answer is right.)
write to use an pencil or pen to print or make words on paper
dessert something sweet after dinner- pie, cake, ice cream, pudding
desert a hot and dry area with no water and a lot of sand a cactus in the dessert
wait to wait in a long line to buy a Christmas present to wait for ten minutes for the bus at the bus stop
weight how heavy or light someone or something is What is the baby's weight? 7 pounds 2 ounces 7lbs. 2oz.
which a question word used to ask someone to make a choice Which one do you want? the blue one or the red one?
witch She flies on her broom on Halloween.
hear to use your ears hear a sound or a noise
here a place; present, not absent
dear my dear mother (special, precious) Dear Santa, Dear Mr. Jones: (in a greeting in a letter or email)
deer an animal
its possessive adjective The puppy hurt its tail. (The tail belongs to the puppy.)
it's a contraction for it is It is rainy. It's rainy.
your possessive adjective Do you have your homework? (The homework belongs to you.)
you're contraction for you are You're great! You are great!
who's contraction for who is Who's on the phone? Who is on the phone?
whose Asks for an owner Whose coat is this? That is John's coat. The coat belongs toJohn.
Created by: murmansk