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Chapter 10

The science that deals with the composition, stucture, and properties of matter. CHEMISTRY
The study of substances that contain carbon. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
The study of substances that do not cotain carbon. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Any substance that occupies space and has mass (weight). Matter
The simplest form of matter. Element
The smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of that element. ATOM
A chemical combination of two or more atoms. MOLECULE
A chemical combination of atoms of the same element. ELEMENTAl MOLECULES
Chemical combinations of two or more atoms of different elements. COMPOUNDS
Definite shape and volume. SOLID MATTER
Definite volume , but not a definite shape. LIQUID MATTER
No definite volume or shape. Gas Matter
Includes color, size, weight, and hardness. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
Characteristics that can only be determined by a chemical reaction and a chemical change in the substance . CHEMICAL PROPERTIES
A change in form , or physical properties, of a substance , without a chemical reaction or the creation of a new substance. PHYSICAL CHANGE
A change in the chemical and physical properties of a substance by a chemical reaction that creates a new substance or substances. Chemical Change
A chemical combination of matter, in definite proportions. PURE SUBSTANCE
A physical combination of matter in any proportion. PHYSICAL MIXTURE
Stable mixture of two or more mixable substances. SOLUTION
The substance that is dissolved in a solution. SOLUTE
The substance that dissolves the solute to form a solution. SOLVENT
Capable of being mixed with anoother liquid in any proportion without seperating. MISCIBLE
Not capable of being mixed. IMMISCIBLE
Not capable of being mixed. Suspension
An unstable mixture of two or immiscible substances united with the aid of an emulsifier IMMISCIBLE
Not capable of being mixed. Emulsify
Substance that acts like a bridge to allow oil and water to mix or emulsify. Surfactants
PH Potential Hydrogen
Measures the acidity and alkalinity of a substance. pH Scale
Multiples of ten Logarithm
An Atom or Molecule that carries an electric charge. Ion
Causes an Atom or Molecule to split in two. Ionization
An Ion with a positive electrical charge. Anion
An Ion with a negative electrical charge. Cation
Substance used to neutralize acids or raise the pH of many hair products. Alkanolamines
A colorless gas with a pungent odor, composed of hydrogen and nitrogen. Ammonia
A sweet ,colorless, oily substance. Glycerin
A special type of oil used in hair conditioners and are water-resistent lubricants for the skin. Silicone
They contract and harden the hair. Acids
Soften and swell the hair and skin. Alkalis
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