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Data handling

Define primary data... Primary data is data collected by you
Define secondary data... Secondary data is data collected by someone else
What 2 groups is data separated into? Numerical and categorical
What 2 groups is numerical data separated into? Discrete and continuous
What 2 groups is categorical data separated into? Nominal and ordinal
Define discrete... Data with exact values eg: the amount of goals in a football game....
Define continuous... Data that could always be more specific eg: you height could be 170cm, but this could be more accurate by saying 170.00127cm, and so on...
Define nominal... Data that you can not order eg: county of birth.
Define ordinal... Data that you can order eg: second names alphabetically.
Define qualitative... Non numerical data
Define quantitative... Numerical data
Define Continuous... Numerical data that is always measurements...
What is the difference between an open question and a closed question? An open question could have any answer given, while a closed questions answer is controlled by giving options
What is a sample? A small part of the population
What is discrete? An exact value
What are the 4 main ways of collecting data? Data logging Experiment Questionnaire Observation
What is data logging? Automatically collecting data with a computer or machine.
What is experiment? Measuring the outcomes of a situation you have described
What is a questionnaire? Carrying out a survey
What is observation ? A situation you collect data by looking at
What is random sampling ? Random sampling is picking people at random, everyone has an equal chance of being picked
What is systemic sampling ? Members of the population are chosen at regular intervals eg: every 100th person in a phone book
What is Quota sampling? When you keep asking people until you have enough from all the categories you need
Created by: DavidRoberts