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Chem unit1 test

Chem test

Endothermic= A chemical reaction that absorbs heat from the sourroundings.
Exothermic= A chemical reaction that releases the energy in the form of heat.
Heat= A form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temp.
Specific Heat Capacity= The measure of the heat energy required to increase the temp. of a substance by a certain temp.
Sulfate= SO4
Nitrate= NO3
Thermal Equillibrium= A state in which all the different parts of a system are the same temp.
Cu= copper
Zn= Zinc
Na= sodium
In what direction does heat flow?= From hot to cold
A piece of Zinc is added to an acid solution. the contents of the beaker fizzes and feels hot. In what direction is the heat flowing?= From the solution to the air.
Is this reaction endothermic or exothermic?= Exothermic
If a person were at thermal equillibrium with their souroundings. would they be dead or alive?= It depends on the temp. of their souroundings. If the temp. was between 78-108 then they would be alive. but if it was lower or higher they would be dead.
Explain your thinking= If your body was lower than 78 degrees then you would get hypothermia and if it was above 108 degrees then you would have a heat stroke.
rearrange the formula q=m*C*DeltaT to solve for C= q/m*DeltaT
Rearrange the formula q=m*c*DeltaT to slove for m= q/C*DeltaT
If q stays the same, how does DeltaT change when you double the mass of the sample?= It stays the same
When something has a high specific heat,does it heat up fast or slow?= Slow
Explain you thinking= The higher the specific heat the more energy it will take to heat up.
Equal masses of Aluminum and iron are given the same amount of heat. Aluminium has a specific heat of 0.9J/gDegreesC and iron has a specific heat of 0.45J/gC. If the iron mass warmed up by 20C, how much will the aluminum warm up?= 40C because its twice as big.
Created by: WillLyons