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Vocab Packet Words: The Beatles, Kyle's Strange Encounter, Australia Anyone?

boisterous loud and exuberant
enlist to join or register
illustrious a distinguished person who has a bright future
instigator a person who is a leader or starter of something new
luminary a role model or someone with star quality
prude a goody-goody person who has Puritan ideas
ripple undulations or waves that spread and flow outward
soil mud, earth, or dirt
tribute to give homage to a person by dedicating an action to them
virtuoso an expert in his field, a prodigy
audible perceptible, loud enough to hear
desolate deserted and lonely
gawk stare with an open mouth, examine closely
ordeal when something becomes a nightmare or tribulation to experience
meandering a winding, twisty path
resign surrender or quit trying
subside drop or dip in strength
substantiate to prove or confirm that something is true
swerve veer in another direction, turn
wistful melancholic, sad
adamant unwavering and dogged in opinions or effort
arid dry, smelly, and hot
avid enthusiastic and passionate
claim to assert, to say that something is correct
fascinating interesting, captivating, holding one's focus
foreign an unfamiliar or new experience
inhabited land that is populated or colonized
inland a central location or an inner land mass away from the coast
ubiquitous everywhere, omnipresent
pursuit an activity or hobby that you enjoy
Created by: Ms.Knuth
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