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Racing in the rain

chapters 1-29

melodramatic to exaggerate
polysyllabic more than one syllable
emoting or emote to show emotion in a theatrical manner
engulfs covering something completely
ascend to go up or climb
pendulous to hang loosely
expounded to present a theory or idea
sired male parent
kinesthetic strain in muscles
disingenuous not sincere
dexterous demonstrating neat skill
euphemism indirect word or expression
cumbersome large or heavy
fortitude courage in pain
bellow deep loud roar in pain or anger
surrogate a substitute
confluence the junction of two rivers
facile appearing neat
manifest readily perceived by the eye
moot open to discussion or debate
induces to read persuasion or influence
blathering foolish
aesthetic concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty
gooded a stick with a pointed or electrically charged end
elated very happy
atrocious extremely or shockingly
enduro endurance
gait a manner of walking
threshold a strip of wood
vicariously indirectly
decimated kill
emanating / emanate issue or spread out from a source
sluices wash or rinse freely with a stream or shower of water
frigid very cold
berm a flat strip of land or canal/river
loathe feel intense dislike or disgust for
perfunctory an action or gesture
assimilate take in information
regimented very strictly organized or controlled
respite a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant
ambivalent having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone
Created by: jkalter11
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