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Eng 9 Vocab 2

Marigolds and The Cask of Amontillado

Stoicism Sgt. Spencer looked at his captors with such ___ that they could not see the fear he truly felt.
Compassion Freddy could sense the ___ from his community as so many people reached out to help his family after the fire.
Termination At the ___ of the dock, you must stop or you will fall in the lake.
Destined I knew that Dan was ___ to be a famous jazz musician the first time I saw him play.
Futile Miss Laura realized that all of her efforts to create a beautiful garden were ___ after the third time the neighbor kids ruined the flower beds.
Bravado Compared with her friends, Addie wasn’t able to show an attitude of ___ when entering the haunted house.
Impoverished Betty felt so sad to see her hometown’s ___ condition after fifty years of financial hardship and neglect by its citizens.
Degradation After Mathilde lost the necklace, she became homeless and lived a life of ___ for the next ten years
Accost I screamed just as Mike and his friend were ___ (ed) by three gang members on the subway.
Impotent The small woman felt ___ when trying to protect herself from the large man.
Perverse Many people enjoy comedians, but not everyone will tolerate a ___ sense of humor.
Poignantly The movie displayed family love so ___(ly) that it brought a tear to my eye.
Subside After many weeks, his sadness at the loss of his much loved pet began to ___ and his spirits began to lift.
Squalor My mother said to clean my room so that she didn’t have to look at my ___ any longer.
Fetter Bruce broke free from the ___ that bound his ankles together during the magic trick.
Repose The skeleton will ___ in the mausoleum for all eternity, said Mr. Poe.
Preclude Let’s hope that your weekend homework and chores do not ___ you from rest and relaxation.
Implore My grandmother will ___ me to come visit her this weekend, so I need to pack a suitcase.
Virtuoso Janet may not be a ___ on the piano, but she does not let that stop her from her love of playing daily.
Impunity I was shocked that the man was declared innocent and walked away from his crimes with ___ .
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