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Word Families (Grop)

ack attack back black crack hack Jack knack lack pack quack rack sack snack stack tack track whack Zack
ad ad bad brad cad clad dad doodad glad had lad mad pad sad
age age cage engage rage sage stage wage
ail ail fail hail jail mail nail pail rail sail snail tail wail
ain brain chain complain explain gain grain main obtain pain plain rain slain Spain sprain stain strain train vain
ake awake bake brake cake fake flake Jake lake make quake rake sake shake snake stake take wake
ale ale bale dale gale kale male pale sale scale stale tale whale
all all ball call fall gall hall install mall small squall stall tall thrall wall
am cam clam dam dram exam gram ham jam lam ma'am Pam ram Sam scam slam spam swam tam tram wham yam
ame blame came fame flame frame game lame name same shame tame
an an ban bran can clan Dan fan flan Fran Jan Japan man pan pecan plan ran scan span Stan tan than van
ank bank blank crank dank drank flank frank Hank plank prank rank sank shrank spank tank thank yank
ap cap clap flap gap lap map nap rap sap scrap slap snap strap tap trap wrap yap zap
ar afar bar car czar far gar guitar jar mar par scar spar star tar tsar
ash ash bash brash cash clash crash dash flash gash gnash hash lash mash rash sash slash smash splash stash thrash trash
at at bat brat cat chat fat flat gnat hat mat pat rat sat slat spat tat that vat
ate abate ate crate date debate fate gate grate hate Kate late mate plate rate relate sate skate state
aw caw claw draw flaw gnaw jaw law paw raw saw slaw straw thaw
ay away bay bray clay day decay delay display flay gay gray hay jay lay may nay okay pay play pray quay ray relay replay say slay spray stay stray sway they today tray way
eat beat cheat cleat eat feat greet heat meat neat peat pleat seat treat wheat
eel eel feel heel keel kneel peel reel steel wheel
eep beep creep deep jeep keep peep seep sheep sleep steep sweep weep
eet beet feet fleet greet meet sheet sleet street sweet tweet
ell bell cell dell dwell farewell fell hell sell shell smell spell swell tell well yell
en amen Ben children den fen gentlemen glen Gwen hen men open pen then ten when wren yen
ent accent bent cent dent event gent lent rent scent sent spent tent vent went
est best chest crest jest nest pest quest rest test unrest vest west zest
ice dice ice mice nice price rice slice spice splice thrice twice vice
ick brick chick click flick kick lick nick pick quick Rick sick slick stick thick tick trick wick
ide bride decide glide hide pride ride side slide stride tide wide
ife fife knife life strife wife
ight bright delight fight flight fright height knight light might night plight right sight slight tight tonight
ile bile file mile Nile pile rile smile stile tile vile while
ill bill chill dill drill fill frill gill grill hill ill Jill kill krill mill pill quill shrill sill skill spill still swill thrill thrill till trill will
in bin chin din fin gin grin in kin pin shin skin sin spin thin tin twin win within
ine brine decline define dine fine line mine nine pine shine shrine sine spine swine tine twine vine whine wine
ing bring cling fling king ping ring sing sling spring sting string swing thing wing wring zing
ink blink brink drink fink ink link mink pink rink shrink sink stink think wink
ip blip chip dip drip flip grip hip lip nip quip rip ship sip skip slip snip strip tip trip whip zip
it admit bit fit flit grit hit it kit knit lit mit pit quit sit skit slit snit spit split twit wit
oat boat coat float gloat goat oat stoat throat
ock block clock cock crock dock flock frock hock jock knock lock mock o'clock rock shock smock sock stock
og blog bog catalog clog cog dog fog frog hog jog log slog smog
oil boil broil coil foil oil soil spoil toil
oke awoke bloke broke choke joke poke smoke spoke stoke stroke woke yoke
oo boo coo goo igloo moo shoo too woo zoo
ood good hood stood wood ood brood food mood
oof goof proof roof spoof oof hoof woof
ook book brook cook crook hook look nook rook shook took
oom bloom boom broom doom gloom groom loom room zoom
ool cool drool fool pool spool stool tool
oon balloon goon loon moon noon soon spoon swoon
oop coop droop hoop loop scoop snoop stoop troop
oot (long oo) boot hoot scoot shoot
oot (short oo) foot soot
op bop chop cop crop drop flop hop lop mop plop pop prop sop shop stop top
ore bore chore core fore gore lore more ore pore score shore sore spore store swore tore wore yore
orn adorn born corn forlorn horn morn scorn shorn thorn torn worn
ot apricot blot bot clot cot dot forgot got hot jot knot lot not plot pot rot shot slot spot tot trot
ought bought brought fought ought sought thought wrought
ould could should would
ouse douse grouse house louse mouse spouse
out about bout clout gout grout out lout pout scout shout snout spout stout tout trout
ow (rhymes with cow) bow cow chow how now plow sow vow wow
ow (rhymes with low) bow blow crow flow glow grow low mow row show slow snow sow stow throw tow
own brown crown down drown frown gown nightgown town
uck buck chuck cluck duck luck muck puck pluck stuck struck truck tuck yuck
ug bug dug hug jug lug mug plug pug rug shrug smug snug thug tug
ump bump clump dump grump hump jump lump plump pump rump slump stump thump trump
un bun fun gun nun pun run shun spun stun sun
unk bunk chunk drunk dunk flunk funk hunk junk lunk plunk punk skunk slunk spunk sunk trunk
Created by: mohamedawadegypt



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