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Problems Teens Face

terms in an article

affluent rich
offspring children, grandchildren, etc.
protracted prolonged, extended (often as in longer time)
spectrum a broad range of related ideas
en route on the way (to somewhere)
prestigious honored; having a high reputation for excellence or greatness
curricula courses of study given in a school, college, university, etc.
maladjustment a bad or unsatisfactory adjustment or repairing
phenomenon something that is impressive or extraordinary
serendipitous good; beneficial; favorable; or found by accident
replicated folded; bent back on itself
corroborated confirmed; made certain
errant straying from the proper course; moving aimlessly
suburban area outside of a city or town
somatic physical; bodily
counterintuitive opposite of what one would expect
tacit unspoken understanding; understood without having to speak a thing
procure to get something by using effort or special means
falter to speak hesitatingly; stumble
buffers devices used as shields or cushions
fundamental essential; primary
vulnerable capable of being wounded or hurt
relentless unyielding; severe, strict or harsh
tantalizing teasing with something beyond one's reach
collusion a secret agreement in order to gain something illegally
meager not much at all; inadequate
grappling holding someone or something in a strong grip
commodity something of use or value
confer to consult together; to carry on a discussion
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