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Chapter 6-9 B

Walk Two Moons Ch.6-9 B

betrayed After Zander had told Cathy my biggest secret, I felt ______. to fail or desert especially in time of need loyal, trustworthy leave or give up on in time of need
barreling Ever since I turned 3, my family and I have been _____ all over the world on vacations . an act or instance of moving rapidly, often recklessly, in a motor vehicle crawling spontaneous
hankering That Sunday when it rained, I had a _______ to go swimming, but it was wet outside. a yearning for or to do something , or a strong desire for someone or something n/a crush on somebody or need to do something
ambush The other day I _______ my brother with air attack. To attack from a concealed position defend Armies and Navies use this plan
vivid In the book Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech has a very ____ imagination, as each chapter has great writing and description. active in forming lifelike images dull, boring alive
pandemonium The Stuboxen house is usually a ________ , but that’s only when Mom doesn't get enough sleep. an utterly lawless, riotous place or assemblage structured crazy,noisy area
Created by: Penny