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Chapters 10-11 B

Walk Two Moons Ch. 10-11 B

cinch easy to accomplish I thought the science test would be hard, but it was a _____. difficult That was almost too easy!
shrapnel metal pieces The soldier had ________ stuck in his leg from the bomb explosion. N/A There's something stuck in my leg.
gullible easily fooled I told my ________ little sister that I didnt know what happened to her candy. skeptical You fell for it!
piddly little The park was full of noisy, ______, little children. large Kindergardeners and first graders.
agenda a planner or schedule I wrote down all of my homework in my ______. N/A pocket calender
intriguing interesting, exciting Looking at microbes under a microscope is very __________. boring, dull Investigations and mysteries are this.
accumulated to gather or pile After working at Aramco for ten tears, I would have ___________ a lot of money. lose, loss This is what happens when you save money in the bank.
rummaging An energetic, hasty search 'Where are my jeans?' I asked Mom while _________ around in the closet. N/A Searching through your closet 5 minutes before vacation.
Created by: Brittany