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practice 1-4

chapters help 1-4

What is a Ozone Layer? is a substance that consists of three particles of oxygen.
what is matter? is anything that has a mass and takes up space
what is mass? is a measurement that reflects the amount of matter.
what is weight? is a measure not only of the amount of matter but also of the effect of Earth's gravitational pull on the matter.
Systematic approach is.... each scientist tries to understand his or her world based on a personal point of view and individual creativity.
scientific method... is a systematic approach used in scientific study,whetther it is chemistry, biology, physics, or other sciences
qualitative data is? information that describes color, odor, shape, or some other physical characteristics
what is quantitative data? measure temperature,pressure,volume, the quantity of a chemical formed, or how much of a chemical is used up in a reaction.
independent variable is what? temperature is the variable that you plan to change.
dependent variable is what? temperature affects the rate at which the salt dissolves
scientific law is... Newton's law is a scientific law and, as such, a relationship in nature that is supported by many experiments.
what are the parts of a Base Unit? Time, Length, and Mass
parts of the Derived Units are? Volume and Density
how do you figure out density...? desity = Mass/vloume
Scientific Notation is..... expresses numbers as a multiple of two factors:a number between 1 and 10; and ten raised to a power, or exponent
example of scientific notation.. 1.627 62 X 10(-27)kg as a power
conversion factor is what??? is a ration of equivalent values to express the same quamtity in different units
Dimensonal Analysis is what? is a method of problem-solving that focuses on the units used to describe matter.
Accuracy is.... refers to how close a measured value is to an accepted value.
Precision is... refers to how close a series of measurements are to one another
percent error is? is the ratio of a error to an accepted value
example of percent error.... percent error = error/accepted value X 100
Significant figures is.... included all known digits plus one estimated digit.
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