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Chapter 15-18 B

Walk Two Moons Ch. 15-18 B

detour a roundabout way or course, especially a road, used temporarily instead of a main route Since the construction men were working on the road, I had to take a ______ direct route go to a different route
draped to cover, dress, or hang with or as if with cloth in loose folds the blanket ______ over my big brother's head as he fell into the couch n/a It's just hanging there.
sprawled to sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly My friends sat _____ on the comfortable, soft armchair. n/a My body feels awkward in this position.
cantankerous ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable Those _____ people are finally leaving. Boy- am I happy! easygoing Some people are so hot headed!
crotchety having a difficult and contrary disposition The lady was as _____ as a person being stuck with their enemy for a partner. good-natured cantankerous
colossal of enormous size; gigantic; huge; Some people who easily get temper tantrums usually have _____ ones. insignificant Whoa! That's HUMONGOUS!!!
Created by: Shelina