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vocabulary cartoons1

vocab words

abhor to hate very much
abominate to dislike strongly
abridge to shorten
abstruse hard to understand
abut to border upon
abyss bottomless pit
accolade an award
adjunct something connected or added to another in a subordinate position
affidavit a sworn written statement
affinity a natural attraction
aftermath events following some occurrence
aggrandize to increase in size
ajar partially open
alienate to make hostile
alleviate to make less severe
allure to tempt
aloof uninvolved
also-ran loser
altercation a heated quarrel
alternative the choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities
ambiance mood
amenable agreeable
amplify to make larger
antecedent going before
anterior situated in front
appalling filling in dismay
aptitude natural ability
archaic outdated
arduous hard
artisan a worker skilled in a craft
askew to one side
aspire to seek
assuage to soothe
astute keen
asunder in separate parts; apart from each other in position
atrophy to wither away
atypical not typical
austere stern, as in manner; without excess, unadorned, severely simple and plain
badger to tease, annoy, harass persistently
ballistic the study of the dynamics or flight characteristics of projectiles
balm something that heals or comforts; soothing; an oil or ointment
beget to give birth to; to create
beleaguer to besiege; beset, surround, harass
bereave to deprive or leave desolate, especially through death
beset to harrass
bizarre extremely unconventional
blather to talk nonsensically
bleak depressing
bludgeon to hit or attack with heavy impact
bucolic rural or rustic in nature, country-like
cacophony harsh sounds
cajole to weedle
callous unfeeling
callow immature and inexperienced
candor truthfulness
capacious roomy
castigate to criticize harshly
catapult to launch
catharsis an emothional
caucus cerebral
certify to comfort formally
chasm a deep opening in the earth's surface
chattel slave
chide to scold
chronic continues
circa an estimated historic time period
citadel a fortress overlooking a city, a stronghold
claimant a person making a claim
cloister a tranquil
commodious spacious
comprise to consist of
congenial pleasant to be around
connoisseur an expert
consensus general agreement
coterie a circle of close friends
countenance a person's face
coup the violent overthrow of a government by a small group
couture fashion disign
cranny a small opening in a wall or rock face
craven lacking the least bit of courage
creditor a person or entity to whom money is owed
criterion a standard or rule which something is judged
cubism a style of art which the subject matter is portrayed by geometric forms
curtail to truncate or abridge
curvilinear formed by curved lines
damper one that depresses
dauntless fearless
dearth lack
debacle a sudden downfall
debase to lower in quality or value
decree an order having the force of law
deduce to come to a conclusion by reasoning from the evidence
defame to libel or slander
deft skillful
demegogue a leader who obtains power by appealing emotions and prejudices of the people
demonic demon like
demur to object
denouce to condemn
desiccate to dry out compleatly
dilemma a difficult situation where one must choose between two or more choices that seem unfavorable
disparge to belittle
dispell to drive away
disperse to scatter
dissolution to break up into parts
divine to fortell a prophecy
docile easily taught
doldrums a period or condition of depression or inactivity
domain a territory where one rules
dormant asleep or inactive
draconian hard
dromedary a one hump domesticated camel
dulcet soft
duress hardship
ediface a building
efface to rube away
egalitarian a person who adheres to egalitarian beliefs
elapse to pass or go by
elfin small and sprightly
embellish to beautify by adding ornements
embody to give bodily form to
emit to send or give out
emulate to attempt to equal or surpass
endure to carry on through despite hardships
engulf to surround or enclose compleatly
enrage to put in a rage
enrapture to delight
ensemble a coordinated outfit or costume
entice to lure
entomb to place in or as if in a tomb
entomology the scientific study of insects
euphonious pleasing to the ear
evade to elude by cunning
expunge to remove
facilitate to make easier, to help bring about
fathom to understand fully
fawn to show affection
feign to pretend
fester to generate pus
fetish any thing or activity to which one is irrationally devoted
fickle often changing for no reason
fjord a long narrow inlet from the sea
fleece to defraud
forage to search or hunt for food and provisions
forbear to do without
forsake to abandon
fortuitous good fortune occurring by accident or chance
fraught teeming with
gamin a neglected boy left to run about in the streets
gazebo an outdoor structure with a roof and open sides
generalize general form rather than specific
giddy a light-headed sensation
gird to encircle as with a belt
girth the distance around something
gloat to brag greatly
glutton one who eats or consumes a great deal
gossamer delicate floating cobwebs
grandiloquent attempting to impress with big words or grand gestures
grandiose grand and impressive
guile cunning
guise appearence
harangue to lecture
harrowing extremely distressing
herbicide a substance used to destroy plants, especially weeds
histrionic overly dramatic
hoard to accumulate for future use
hovel a small miserable dwelling
husbandry the cultivation, production, and/or management of resources of edible plants or animals
idiosyncrasy a behavioral quirk
impede to obstruct or interfere with
incite to arouse to action
incongruous not approprite
infamy an evil reputation
insouciant calm and carefree
intervene to come between
inveifle to tempt or persuade
irascible easily angered
joust to engage in combate or competition
karma fate
laconic brief
lament to express sorrow or regret
languish to become weak or feeble
lassitude a condition of weariness
laudable worthy of deserving of praise
lax careless
legacy something that had been handed down from one who has gone before or from the past
lesion wound
lethargy laziness
lexicon a dictionary
lieu instead of
loiter to remain in a area without any specific reason
maim to disable or disfigure
marauder a raider
marshal to assemble together for the purpose of doing something
martyr someone willing to sacrifice and even give his/her life for the cause
masticate to chew
melancholy depression of spirits
menagerie a collection of wild animals on exhibit
migratory roving
milieu environment
mirage unreal reflection
misanthropy someone who hates mankind
misnome an incorrect or inappropriate name
mores custom cultural standards
muse to ponder
muster to collect or gather
myriad an extremely large number
nepotism favors shown by those in high positions to relatives and friends
noisome stinking
noxious physically or mentally destructive
oblique at an angle neither perpendicular or parellel
obtuse lacking intelligence
opportune occurring or coming at a good time
optimum the most advantageous
orthodox conventional
ostracize to exclude from a group
oust to eject to force out
paradox a situation in which something seems both true and false
paranoia a mental illness of unreasonable anxiety especially believing someone is out to get you, or that you are an important person
parry to ward off a blow
partition the division of something into parts
periphery the outermost part within a boundary
permeate to flow or spread through
perverse stubborn
petulant ill-humored
philanthriphy love of mankind
phobia a persistent illogical fear
photogenic suitable
pied having patches or blotches of two or more colors
pillage to rob of goods by violent seizure
pique irritation
plight a distressing situation
porcine reminiscent
potentate a powerful ruler
precarious unsafe, unsteady, unstable
procrastinate to put off until a later time
proficient skillful, to be food at something
propulsive the act or process of propelling, a propelling force
prowess exceptional skill and bravery
quandary state of perplexity or doubt, a difficult or uncertain situation
queue to form or wait in line; a line
quirk a peculiarity of behavior; an unaccountable act or event
quixotic totally or foolishly impractical
ramification a developing growing out of and often complicating a problem or pain; a consequence
relinquish to give up doing, professing, or intending; to surrender, to give in
reminisce the act or practice of recalling the past
remorse a strong feeling of sadness or guilt for having done something wrong
resurgnet rising after defeat
revere to regard with great devotion or respect, to honor
rivet to hold the attention of; something that fastens two parts together
roster a list of names; especially of personnel available for duty
rudimentary basic, crude, undeveloped; fundamental principles or skills
scapegoat one that bears the blame for others
scruntinize to look very carefully; to examine
segergate to separate or keep apart form others
serpentine snakelike in shape or movement; winding as a snake
somber depressing, gloomy, dark
sonorous producing sound, especially deep and rich, resonant
spure to move to action
spurn to reject with disdain
stupefy to make numb with amazement; to stun into helplessness
sundry various, several, miscellaneous
surplant to take the place of
surfeit an overabundant amount, especially overindulgence in eating and drinking
tether a rope or chain that allows limited movement; the limit of one's resources or strength
torque a turning or twisting move
trenchant cutting, incisive, having a sharp point; caustic, sarcastic
truculent inclined towards conflict; eager to fight
trincate to shorten by cutting off
tyro a beginner; a novice
ubiquitous existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered; widespread
umbrage sense of injury or insult; to take offense, displeasure
unbridled violent, unbounded, unrestrained
veer to change directions
verbatim using exactly the same words, word for word
vertigo the sense of dizziness
volition an act of choosing, using one's own will in a conscious choice
wane to decrease gradually
wither to become dry; shriveled, shrunken, dried-up
wrest to pull away, take by violence
yore former days, an era long past
Created by: hh21
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