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sentarse to sit, to sit down (reflexive) (IE)
prestar to loan (reg)
sonar to ring (UE)
pulsar to press (button) (reg)
tener prisa to be in a hurry (have haste) (YO-GO) (IE)
terminar to finish, to end (reg)
prestar atención to pay attention (reg)
tocar to touch; to play (musical instrument) (reg)
toser to cough (reg)
servir to serve (E-->I)
venir to come (YO-GO) (IE)
ver to see (YO: veo)
tener to have (YO-GO) (IE)
regresar to return (to a place), to go back (reg)
tener miedo to be afraid (have fear) (YO-GO) (IE)
secarse to dry off, to dry oneself (reflexive) (reg)
repetir to repeat, to have seconds (at a meal) (E-->I)
vestirse to get dressed, to dress oneself (E-->I) (reflexive)
tomar to take; to have (food or drink) (reg)
querer to want, to wish; to love (someone-with personal A) (IE)
picar to nibble on, to pick (at food) (reg)
recordar to remember (UE)
subir to go up; to get on (vehicle) (reg)
rentar to rent (reg)
rebajar to lower prices, to discount (reg)
vivir to live (reg)
tener x años to be x years old (YO-GO) (IE)
seguir to follow, to continue (E-->I) (spelling)
preferir to prefer (IE)
tener hambre to be hungry (have hunger) (YO-GO) (IE)
visitar to visit (reg)
practicar la plancha de vela to go windsurfing (reg)
tener sed to be thirsty (have thirst) (YO-GO) (IE)
poder to be able to (can) (UE)
preparar to prepare (reg)
sentir to feel, perceive, feel sorry about, regret (IE)
quitarse to take off (clothes, glasses, etc.) (reflexive) (reg)
salir (de) to leave (from a place) (YO-GO)
pensar to think (IE)
sentirse to feel (personal physical or mental state) (IE)
seleccionar to choose, to select (reg)
textear to text, send a text (reg)
recetar to prescribe (reg)
sacar to take out (e.g., book from backpack); to get (a grade); to take (picture) (reg)
ser to be (IRREG)
poner to put, to place; to set (table) (YO-GO)
recibir to receive (reg)
trabajar to work (reg)
regatear to bargain (reg)
tirar to kick, to throw (reg)
revisar to check (e.g., ticket) (reg)
preocuparse to worry (reflexive) (reg)
perder to lose (game, money); to miss (train, ball) (IE)
transbordar to transfer (trains, planes) (reg)
quedar to fit, to look good on (reg)
vender to sell (reg)
ponerse to put on (YO-GO)
peinarse to comb one's own hair (reflexive) (reg)
traer to bring (YO-GO)
quedarse to stay, to remain (reflexive) (reg)
usar to use; to wear (size) (reg)
prender to turn on (e.g., TV, light) (reg)
volar to fly (UE)
volver to return (to a place), to go back (UE)
Created by: MrPoppele