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1st Grade Site Words

1st grade site words

the Where is the ball?
of Beware of the tiger.
and Bob and Bill.
a Ken is a boy.
to Go to class.
in Sit in your chair.
is Bob is happy.
you Who loves you?
that Who is that girl?
it What is it?
he Who is he?
was What was that?
for What is this for?
on Turn the light on.
are Who are you?
as He is as tall as a tree.
with Who did you come with?
his What is his name?
they Who are they?
I I love you.
at He is at home.
be Who could it be?
this What is this?
have Do you have any gum?
from Where did that come from?
or Do you like this or that?
one Is this the one?
had I had a cold.
by Go over by the swing set.
word What is your favorite word?
what What is your name?
all Do you have all the cookies?
were What were you doing?
we Can we come too?
when When will you be seven?
your What is your name?
can Can I come over and play?
said She said I was smart.
there Is there any more candy?
use How do you use a computer?
an What is an octopus?
each You can each have a gumball.
which Which one do you want?
she What did she say?
do How do you do?
how How many fingers am I holding up?
their They have ants in their pants.
if You can have desert if you eat your dinner.
will Will you go with me to the dance?
up Go up the stairs.
other Do want this piece of candy or the other?
out Turn out the lights.
many You can't give me too many kisses.
then Pick up your room, then you can have cake.
them Are you with them?
these What are these green things?
so Stand there so I can take your picture.
some May I have some water please?
her What is her name?
would How many would you like?
make Please make me an apple pie?
like Do you like pie?
him Please give him a turn.
into We are going into the school.
time What time is it?
has She has a lot of homework.
look Look at that tiger.
two She has two green pens.
more How many more minutes until we eat?
write I can write my name.
go Let's go to the park.
see Did you see the size of that monkey?
about What is this story about?
number What is your favorite number?
no No, I can't come out and play.
way It's way over there.
could Could you please help me?
people How many people are in your family?
my My name is Tom.
than Tom has more candy than Penny.
first Let's make a plan first.
water I love to drink water.
been It's been 3 months since my birthday.
call Call me on the phone.
who Who is that?
oil Is there oil in the paint?
its Who is its owner?
now Please come over now.
find Did you find your keys?
long How long is your hair?
down Get down from there.
day What day is tomorrow?
did Did you hear that?
get May I get you some water?
come Come on over and play.
made Food is made with love.
may May I please have some more?
part That's my favorite part of the story.
Yellow I have a yellow dress.
Brown Brown is my favorite color.
Black He has a black cat.
Blue Blue is my favorite color.
Red Your cheeks are red.
White Do you have a white dog?
Purple I have purple pants.
Pink Pink is a fun color.
Orange Toss me the orange ball.
Green The leaves are green.
Food We had food for dinner.
One Who is number one?
Created by: kseebeck
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