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SAM Emily Dickinson

accomplish to do, make happen, succeed in, carry through synonyms: to perform, fulfill, achieve, complete antonyms: to fail, undo, fall short
apparent open to view; easy to understand; seeming to be true or real synonyms: clear, obvious, visible; plan; likely antonyms: hidden concealed; difficult, uncertain
capacity the amount of space that can be filled; ability or skill; office or role synonyms: volume, size, room; gift; position,job
civilian a person not in a military, police, or fire fighting force adjective: non military synonym - non military antonym - military
conceal to hide or keep secret, to place out of sight synonym: to cover, disguise, mask, tuck away antonym: uncover, open, reveal
duplicate verb: to copy exactly; to produce something equal to adjective: exactly like something else synonym: to reproduce, clone adjective: identical; noun: a reproduction, replica Antonym: an original
keen adjective- having a sharpened edge; quick and sharp in thought or in sight, hearing, or smell; eager synonyms - razor-edged;acute, alert; ready antonyms: dull, blunt; lazy, unwilling
provoke to annoy or make angry, stir up; to do something in order to get a response synonyms: to excite, enrage, madden, goad antonyms: to calm, soothe, pacify, quiet
spurt verb - to shoot out quickly in a stream; to show a burst of energy noun- a sudden, short stream of fluid; a quick burst of activity synonyms - to squirt, gush, flow, a jet, surge
undoing a bringing to ruin or desctruction; the cause of ruin; unfastening or loosening synonyms: downfall, misfortune, trouble; an opening anytonym: good luck, fortune, success, fastening
vast very great or very large synomyns - huge, enormous, spacious antonyms: tiny, small, little, narrow
withdraw to pull out or remove, to move back or away, retreat synonmyms: to subtract; to leave, depart antonys: to deposit, enter; to attack
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