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Chapters 22-23B

Walk Two Moons Ch. 22-23B

fidgety restless, uneasy The chickens were very _______ while the butchers tried to grab them. relaxed I was very shaky during the test.
console comfort He tried to __________ me about my mom, who was suffering from sickness in a hospital, and I was getting sad. depress I like it when people try to make me feel better about my mother.
lather building up emotion When I made the tennis team, I was in a _________ ,and I was very excited to tell my parents the news. n/a When I do something very good, I feel proud and I stand tall.
pried to raise, move or open with something I ________ open the lid of a tomato can when it wasn't opening with my bare hands. closing I barely managed to move a rock, which was stuck on the ground, by digging on it with a shovel.
farfetched unbelievable She gave a very _____________ excuse for being late to class. believable The teacher was not convinced from her student's unrealistic story about cats.
plummeted to fall straight down, plunge I threw a rock in the sky and it ______________ down to the ground. ascend The scuba diver dove from the cliff and plunged down into the deep water.
Created by: Aamir