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Lesson 1- Dialect

accent Noun- A style of pronunciation typical of people from a certain region or country. "The artist's accent made it obvious she was from Brooklyn, NY."
accent Noun- An emphasis. "Buffet has different meanings depending on which syllable has an accent."
accent Verb- To focus attention emphasize. "The model's makeup accented her beauty."
articulate Adjective- Skilled in expressing oneself clearly and effectively. "The leader was an articulate speaker and easily convinced voters."
articulate Verb- To express clearly in words. "When you write a research paper, you must articulate your ideas so that any reader can understand what you mean."
dialect Noun- A unique form of language, spoken by people from a country, region, or social group. "Your dialect depends on where you live. For example, some people drink soda, others pop, and others only coke."
diction Noun- Clearness of speech or pronunciation. "The actress had excellent diction, and everyone could hear her clearly from the stage."
enunciate Verb- To pronounce clearly. "The teacher enunciated the directions so each student could understand."
enunciate Verb- To state or set forth. "The President enunciated the new laws."
hierarchy Noun- A group organized by rank or status. "Schools have leadership hierarchies; the principal is the leader, followed by assistant or vice principals, counselors, and then teachers and aides/mentors."
hierarchical Adjective- Something that has a hierarchy. "School leadership is hierarchical."
intelligible Adjective- Able to be understood. "The young child was surprisingly intelligible." "The baby's babble was unintelligible."
peer Noun- A person equal in social standing or age. "A trial by a jury of your peers means people similar to you will decide your fate."
stratify Verb- To separate into different levels or layers. "Many foods items, like lasagna or parfaits, require the cook to stratify the ingredients." "The people were stratified by social class and lived in different neighborhoods."
stratification Noun- The arrangement of something (rock layers, gardens, food, people, bedding, whatever) into layers. "The stratification of the rock was obvious since the layers and bands were different colors."
stratum Noun- A layer. Plural- strata. "My favorite stratum of lasagna is the cheese." "
stress Noun- Emphasis in speaking or music. "The stress in the word impossible is on the second syllable."
stress Verb- To emphasize. "The doctor stressed healthy eating and exercise."
stress Noun- Tension or strain. "Stupid people stress me out."
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