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Greek/Latin Words

Greek and Latin Words

asterisk a symbol that is used in printed text, sometimes to tell someone to read a note that can be found at the bottom of the page.
asteriod a minor planet; on of thousands of small bodies that circle around the sun.
astronomical extremely large or relating to astronomy.
audible heard or able to be heard.
audience a group of peopl who gather together to listen to or watch something.
audio of or relating to the sound that is heard on a recording or broadcast.
beneficial good for you
benevolent a kind and/or generous person or entity
bountiful large amounts
biodegradable something that slowly decays to nothing
biography the story of a real person's life written by another person.
biology the study of all living things, plants or animals
chronic continuing or occurring again and again
chronological arranged in the order that things happened or cam to be; arranged in time order.
synchronize to cause things to agree in time or to make things happen at the same time and speed.
credible able to be believed
incredulous not able or willing to believe something; feeling or showing a lack of belief
credential a quality, skill or experience that makes a person suited to do a job.
contradict to say the opposite of something someone else has said
predict to say what will or might happen in the future
verdict the decision made by a jury in a trial or a judgement made by anyone.
hydrate To hydrate is to add or absorb water. It's hot outside — don't forget to hydrate by drinking plenty of water!
dehydrate suffering from excessive loss of water from the body
project to show on a wall
eject to push something out; to force someone to leave.
interjection spoken word, phrase, or sound that expresses sudden or strong feeling.
reject to refuse to believe, accept, or consider something.
project v. (1) to cause light, a picture, or a movie to appear on a surface. The teacher projects the problem of the day onto the screen in the front of the classroom. (2) to plan, calculate, or estimate something for a time in the future.
injection n. the act or process of forcing a liquid into something; the act or process of forcing a liquid medicine or drug into someone by using a special needle.
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