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Chaper 15-20 a

WalkTwo Moons Chapter15-20 A

sprawled to sit in an awkward position with your body spread out The dog __________out on the new sofa and fell asleep on it because it was so fluffy. n/a spreading out of the body
cantankerous difficult to handle; not agreeable Samatha and I are very_____________and never get along. cheerful, easy-going crabby
crotchety akward and very bad- tempered The new principal was very _________, which made everyone hate her. kind, happy, good humored not caring or sweet
colossal very large in size, big Katie and I went inside a __________ cruise ship last summer. small, tiny, puny, little big sized
cavorted to frolic, dance and fool around The hyper children ran around and ______ at the big park. calm, standing still not moving much rough housing
finches a type of bird. When I went to the zoo on my fifth grade feild trip, I saw many ___________. n/a a bird
distinctive different from the rest,; unique Her nicely painted project was very __________from the rest of the projects. common, normal, ordinary unique
reassurance hope, faithfulness that something would happen The teacher gave me ____________while telling me that I would get a good grade on the test. discouragment faith
Created by: smilem