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American Gov. 5

Unit 5 Review

What are the official roles of the President? Commander in Chief, Chief Executive, Foreign Policy Leader, and Chief Agenda Setter. (All roles found in Article 2 of the Constitution)
What are the unofficial roles of the President? Party Leader, Chief Citizen and Chief of State.
Explain the process the Framers of the Constitution went through in setting the terms of office of the President. First discussed the length of a term (set at 4 years), then looked at the number of terms allowed (set at 2). They DID NOT address re-election.
What is the line of succession for the President? Those who take over Presidency with cause (death, removal). These people include the Vice President/Speaker, stated in 25th Amendment.
Explain the role of the Chief of Staff. Person who manages the everyday operations within the White House.
What is the advisory committee of the executive departments called? Cabinet.
What is the administration? Everyone in Executive Branch.
What is the Office of Management and Budget responsible for? Putting together the federal budget.
What are the responsibilities of the White House Office? Daily business within the Office.
What are the formal and informal powers of the President? Appointment/removal of power officials, executive orders, diplomatic recognition etc.
Explain what an Executive Order is. Establishment of rules and regulations for the operation of a federal agency.
What is the Executive Office of the President? A member of a separate office who helps the President formulate policies.
How does the President check congressional power? Veto.
Which branch approves the national budget? Legislative.
What are areas of mandatory spending? Entitlements; not subject to the annual budget.
Define progressive tax. Tax whos ratio increases as the amount subject to taxation also increases.
What is a fiscal policy? A federal budget plus tax laws by Congress and the President.
What are government corporations? Created by Congress to perform business of the federal government.
Explain how executive departments are setup. The Department Head (Secretary) of small agencies focus on specific tasks.
What is the Federal Reserve System? IRC that acts as nations central banking system.
What is discretionary spending? Spending/ funds that are subject to the annual budget and are allocated based on Congressional judgement.
What is the difference between income taxes and payroll taxes? Tax to a person=income. Tax withheld from a person=payroll/paycheck.
What is the federal debt? Sum of money the federal government has borrowed and has yet to pay back.
Created by: jarnold2