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circumspect careful to look at all possibilities before acting
inspect to look at carefully in search of flaws
introspection the act of looking into one's own thoughts and feelings
perspective one way of looking at things
respect to look up to someone, to show honor
retrospective looking back at past things
spectacle something displayed for the public to see
spectacles glasses that help someone see better
spectator a person who watches something, such as a sporting event
speculate to look at and think about something from different points of view
circumspect They are ____________ in their business dealings.
inspect The border guard needs to ____________ your passports.
introspection I try to practice quiet ______________ every night before I sleep.
perspective The story is told from the ______________ of a teenage boy in the 1940s.
respect Despite our differences, I have enormous ___________ for him.
retrospective The museum is having a ____________ exhibit of the artist's early work.
spectacle The film was very popular; it was quite a ___________.
spectacles He looked at the book through his ____________.
spectator The soccer game attracted a lot of _______________.
speculate We can only ____________ about what the man was trying to do.
Created by: Schimenti