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Boy Who Dared #1

Vocabulary pages 1-40

Mutti German for mother
sonata a musical composition for one or two instruments
Opa German for grandfather
Oma German for grandmother
opalescent having colors like an opal, iridescent
warmonger a person who advocates, endorses or tries to begin a war
clemency an act showing mercy or leniency
gnaw to bite or chew on
anticipation to look forward to with great expectation
Guten Tag German for good day
tenement run down, overcrowded apartment house in especially poor areas
inflation an economic state of ongoing price increases
chancellor head of parliamentary governments
flat an apartment
meager having little, inadequate, deficient
kuchen German for cake
bitte German for please
billowing to rise, swell or to puff up
verboten German for forbidden
revelers partiers, those boisterously indulging in merry making
swastika official emblem of the Nazi party and the Third Reich
communism A social system based on the holding of all property in common ownership. Everything belongs to the community or to the state as a whole.
amber golden yellow
peculiar strange, odd, unusual
culprits a person who is guilty of an offense
Reichstag The Parliament of Germany
Herr German for Mr.
Frau German for Mrs.
infuriate to make angry or to enrage
Reich realm; as in the realm of an emperor
boycott to abstain from buying or using, a means of intimidation or coercion
pyre a heap of burning wood
guillotine a device used for beheading a person by means of a heavy blade that is dropped between two posts
truncheon a club
Created by: dsouthworth



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