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Chapter 11 A

Walk Two Moons Ch. 11-13 A

rummaging searching thoroughly I was ________ through my christmas presents with such joy neatness to find
interjected to insert something If my friend would never get her own way, she would have _________ a mean look none adding on
elaborate to work with care and detail I had to _______ on my school project with my friends because it was important simplify not handling well
malevolent casting evil looks or remarks A bully at my school always casts _______ looks at me none hatred
slathered to spread thickly I helped my mom _______ chocolate icing over the chocolate cake. uncovered covered
clobbering to strike repeatedly When my teacher was passing out the tests, my heart was _______. none heart beating fast
deprived lacking in advantage, opportunity, or experience After I quit the soccer season, I realized that I felt so _______. having experience poor person
Created by: Mireille