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Vocab 1-46

fraught with full of (something bad or unwanted)
chicanery clever trickery
subjugated brought under control
amoral showing no concern about whether behavior is morally right or wrong
malefactor one who does evil
gallants young fashionable men
stalwart physically strong
stripling young man
comely pretty
dulcet pleasant to hear
virtuous morally excellent
witty funny and clever
caustic very harsh and critical
momentous very important
commence begins
well-appointed having all the needed furniture
doting showing a lot of love or attention
nonchalant unconcerned or indifferent
queried questioned
amiably pleasantly
barbs bitingly critical remarks
quips clever remarks
rancor deep hatred
amorous showing strong feelings of love
feigned faked
disdain disrespect
bide to wait
utter speak
valiant brave
wryly dry, mocking humor
frugal thrifty or economical
exemplary deserving to be imitated
wits minds, intelligences
abode home
mordacious sarcastic
repartee conversation characterized by quick, witty comments
baiting deliberately annoying someone
retorted replied
pernicious harmful
interjected said abruptly
a plethora of an abundance of
enraptured charmed
aspersions false claims meant to hurt one's reputation
blithely casually
taunted teased
Perdition Hell
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