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M.B.A. Vocab 61-90

Perch Sit
Precarious Dangerous, unstable
Contemplate Think
Dreary Dark, gloomy
Vivid Bright
Niche Corner, space
Impulse Sudden action or feeling
Leer A sly look
Sinister Evil
Intrigue Mystery
Discard Throw away
Midst Middle
Precious Valuable
Badger Annoy
Effusive Unrestrained
Assure Comfort
Eager Exctied, showing great interest
Relinquish Give up
Abound Plentiful
Dismay Horror
Utter Complete
Frantic Desperate
Consultation Meeting
Ruthless Cruel
Coax Persuade
Ultimate Best, end
Gesture Hand motion
Grave Serious
Aplomb Composure
Distingusished Famous
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