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devolver (nosotros form) devolvemos
elaborar to make, to produce (reg)
descolgar (yo form) descuelgo
divertirse (nosotros form) nos divertimos
cenar to eat dinner (reg)
comer (ellos form) comen
comprender (nosotros form) comprendemos
cenar (yo form) ceno
cocinar (ellos form) cocinan
costar (form of verb when talking about buying a computer) cuesta
despegar to take off (plane)
ducharse (ellos form) se duchan
doler to ache, to hurt (o-->ue) (used like gustar with IOP)
cepillarse (nosotros form) nos cepillamos
desayunarse (ellos form) se desayunan
dormir (yo form) duermo
cortar to cut, cut off (reg)
desfilar (ellos form) desfilan
devolver (yo form) devuelvo
dejar to leave (something somewhere); to allow, let (reg)
costar to cost (o-->ue)
dormir to sleep (o-->ue)
descargar (nosotros form) descargamos
correr (yo form) corro
cerrar to close (e-->ie)
cenar (vosotros form) cenáis
divertirse to have fun (e-->ie, reflexive)
elaborar (ellos form) elaboran
correr (vosotros form) corréis
confeccionar (tú form) confeccionas
comenzar to begin (e-->ie)
decorar to decorate (reg)
comenzar (yo form) comienzo
descolgar to unhook (telephone receiver) (o-->ue)
dar to give (yo-oy, otherwise reg)
decidir (ellos form) deciden
divertirse (yo form) me divierto
cepillarse to brush (for oneself) (hair, teeth) (reg, reflexive)
contestar to answer (reg)
despertarse (yo form) me despierto
ducharse (nosotros form) nos duchamos
dormirse (él form) se duerme
cepillarse (tú form) te cepillas
correr to run (reg)
confeccionar to make, to prepare (reg)
desayunarse to eat breakfast (reg, reflexive)
dejar (nosotros form) dejamos
desear (yo form) deseo
devolver to return (something to someone) (o-->ue)
driblar (ellos form) driblan
cerrar (tú form) cierras
cepillarse (vosotros form) os cepilláis
desayunarse (yo form) me desayuno
desear (nosotros form) deseamos
ducharse to take a shower, to shower oneself (reg, reflexive)
cepillarse (ella form) se cepilla
colgar (ella form) cuelga
costar (form of verb when talking about buying pencils) cuestan
decidir to decide (reg)
comprender (tú form) comprendes
confeccionar (él form) confecciona
colgar to hang up (clothing, phone) (o-->ue)
comprar (nosotros form) compramos
comer to eat (reg)
cocinar to cook (reg)
comenzar (nosotros form) comenzamos
cerrar (vosotros form) cerráis
decorar (yo form) decoro
cortar (yo form) corto
descargar to download (reg)
desear to wish, to want, to desire (reg)
descargar (tú form) descargas
doler (verb form when talking about a knee / una rodilla) duele
driblar to dribble (basketball, etc.)
divertirse (vosotros form) os divertís
devolver (ellas form) devuelven
despegar (form when talking about 1 plane) despega
despertarse (ella form) se despierta
dormirse (nosotros form) nos dormimos
comer (yo form) como
contestar (tú form) contestas
cortar (ella form) corta
comprar (tú form) compras
dar (yo form) doy
decidir (yo form) decido
comprender to understand (reg)
comprar to buy, to purchase (reg)
dar (ellos form) dan
decidir (tú form) decides
desfilar to march, walk in file (regular)
descolgar (nosotros form) descolgamos
desear (tú form) deseas
despertarse to wake up (e-->ie, reflexive)
despertarse (nosotros form) nos despertamos
dormirse to fall asleep (o-->ue, reflexive)
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