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Vocabulary 2018

English, science, ss

ob away from, against
inter within, among, between
ject to throw or push in
du two
vis/vid to see or look
spec to see or watch
dis away from, opposite
Struc to build
de down
syn/sym same
domin to lead
sub under
pent Five
Cent One hundred
gen family/life
scirp/scib To write
Struc To build
mitt/miss To send
carn/corp Flesh/body
cept to recieve
cred to believe
post after
contro/ant(i) against
charisma -N a positive, magnetic personality, a quality of charm
complacent ADJ quiet, calm, relaxed, almost withdrawn
frail ADJ weak
sullen ADJ sad, somber
concede V to give in
vehement ADJ like tenacious, passionate, strong
smug ADJ arrogant, stuck-up
serene ADJ tranquil, peaceful
relentless ADJ unceasing, unstopping
jeer V to sneer or mock, make fun of in an evil way
despondent ADJ --having a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage
melancholy ADJ--a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause
audacity N--the willingness to take bold risks---boldness,-fearlessness,
censure -N--the expression of formal disapproval
haughty ADJ--having disdainful or arrogant pride
incantation N--a series of words used to make something magic happen.
mercurial ADJ--changing moods quickly and often
pariah N--a person who is hated and rejected by other people
archaic ADJ--old and no longer used, of or relating to ancient times
ostentatious ADJ--displaying wealth, knowledge, etc., in a way that is meant to attract attention
Faltering (v) to move unsteadily, stumble, stagger
Pallid (adj) pale or lacking color
Spasm (n) sudden movement of muscles
Cumbersome (adj) bulky or heavy
Disfigurement (n) misshapen, deformed, in appearance
Semblance (n) appearance, likeness
penchant (n) a strong desire or wish to accomplish something
Pilgrimage a spiritual journey, a lengthy journey
Convulsions ( small seizures, mini violent motions
Enamored deeply in love with, infatuated
Raucous raw cuss (noun, adj.) out of control, mischievous, chaos, out of control situation
Minutiae tiny little details of lifeā€¦ trivial details magazine, insignificant details MIN- oo--SHA
Dignitaries important people, people with dignity
Prowess courage and skill(emphasis on skill)
Errant random ----off topic ----out of time
Tranquil 17. Junket (pg 53): a quick trip , like an errand 18. Gallantry (pg 54): a member of the elite, special people, like royalty 19. Adulation (pg 59): praise 20. Retribution (pg 71): payback or punishment peaceful
Junket a quick trip , like an errand
Gallantry a member of the elite, special people, like royalty a member of the elite, special people, like royalty
Adulation Praise
Retribution payback or punishment
Created by: Alyssa41
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