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Vocabulary 2018

Tenacious determined
condescend to look down upon someone
ballerina person who wears a tutu
Semblance likeness
penchant a strong desire or wish to accomplish something
Enamored deeply in love with
Raucous raw cuss
Minutiae tiny details of life
Dignitaries important people
tree green and brown
Peter Pan flies in the sky
Flamingo pink and has a beak
hibiscus flower
Gallantry special people
Adulation praise
vehement passionate
audacity willingness to take risks
censure disapproval
haughty arrogant pride
mercurial quickly changing moods
pariah person who is hated
archaic old and no longer used
ostentatious displaying wealth
squirrel gray and bushy
ice cream cold, drippy, yummy
frozen pizza cold, triangle, circle
complacent smug, satisfaction
concede to give up
patriarchal male-based society
fledgling new to something
indigenous native
illiterate can't read
disconsolate glum
adversity problem
obstinate stubborn
perverse argumentative
conventional usual in practice
vigil spiritual time of “watching” and waiting
humility modest
incite provoke
nonconformist someone who purposely does not follow popular trends
enigma something unexplainable
scapegoat someone who may or probably is innocent, but they are blamed unfairly
idiosyncrasy odd, unique habit
guerilla sneaky, stealth, camouflaged, hidden, deceptive
Created by: Ava20
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