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vocabulary english


chron/temp realating to time
mob/mot move
cept to recieve
cred to believe
inter amoung,with,between
dis away from opposite
un,in, im, il,ir not
ped/pod foot
grimace disapointed look
wince to cringe or wince in pain
exuberant thrilled, excited
belligerant ready to fight
decorum a polite manner
contempt hatred, disgust
rivulet a tiny little trickly stream
console to soothe
ominus a dark foreshadowing
Enamored deeply in love with, infatuated
despondent having a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage
ostentatious displaying wealth, knowledge, etc., in a way that is meant to attract attention
censure the expression of formal disapproval
audacity the willingness to take bold risks---boldness,-fearlessness,
jeer to sneer or mock, make fun of in an evil way
pariah a person who is hated and rejected by other people
serene tranquil, peaceful
vehement like tenacious, passionate, strong
sullen sad, somber
frail weak
charisma a positive, magnetic personality, a quality of charm
Retribution payback or punishment
Adulation praise
Gallantry a member of the elite, special people, like royalty
Junket a quick trip , like an errand
Errant random ----off topic ----out of time
Prowess courage and skill(emphasis on skill)
Dignitaries important people, people with dignity
Raucous raw cuss (noun, adj.) out of control, mischievous, chaos, out of control situation
Convulsions small seizures, mini violent motions
Semblance appearance, likeness
adversity problem
destiney a person's fate
prophet someone who sees into the future
vigil a spiritual time of watching or waiting
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