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vocab words

sub under
de down
inter between
domin lead
inference hypothesis
re again
bio life
auto self
ject to throw or push in
syn/sym same
domin to lead
uni single
mono single
du two
bi two
tri three
quad four
pent five
oct eight
dec ten
cent one hundred
gen life
scrip/scribe to write
struc to build
frag/frac to break
vis/vid to see or look
spec to see or watch
man(u) hand
ped/pod foot
mitt/miss to send
chron/temp relating to time
mob/mot move
carn/corp flesh/body
port to carry
cept to recieve
cred to believe
re again
ex out
pre before
post after
trans across
circum around
dis--away from opposite
contr/ant(i) against
bene good
mal bad/evil
Grimace-N a sad , disappointed look, a frown
Wince-V to cringe or wince in pain
Tenacious determined, relentless, go getting
Exuberant thrilled , excited
somber serious, sad
fallible capable of making mistakes
Belligerent ready to fight, confrontational, aggressive, angry
intricate detailed, particular, involved (spider web)complex
Luminous bright, filled with light, enlightened
apathy-N not caring
condescend-V to look down upon someone
empathy-N caring and feeling
banish-V to dismiss or send out
grieve-V to mourn over loss
ponder-V to think about
profound deep thoughtful
indignant angry
dilemma a serious problem
decorum a polite manner
contempt hatred, disgust
rivulet a tiny little trickly stream
hospitable a welcoming manner
console to soothe
ominous a dark foreshadowing
Faltering to move unsteadily, stumble, stagger
Pallid pale or lacking color
Spasm sudden movement of muscles
Cumbersome bulky or heavy
Disfigurement misshapen, deformed, in appearance
Semblance appearance, likeness
penchant a strong desire or wish to accomplish something
Pilgrimage P a spiritual journey, a lengthy journey
Convulsions small seizures, mini violent motions
Enamored deeply in love with, infatuated
Raucous raw cuss (noun, adj.) out of control, mischievous, chaos, out of control situation
Minutiae tiny little details of life… trivial details magazine, insignificant details MIN- oo--SH
Dignitaries important people, people with dignity
Prowess courage and skill(emphasis on skill)
Errant random ----off topic ----out of time
Tranquil peaceful
Junket a quick trip , like an errand
Gallantry a member of the elite, special people, like royalty
Adulation praise
Retribution payback or punishment
charisma a positive, magnetic personality, a quality of charm
complacent quiet, calm, relaxed, almost withdrawn
frail weak
sullen sad, somber
concede to give in
vehement like tenacious, passionate, strong
smug arrogant, stuck-up
serene tranquil, peaceful
relentless unceasing, unstopping
jeer to sneer or mock, make fun of in an evil way
protagonist good guy
antagonist bad guy
optimistic optimistic --positive “open”
pessimistic pessimistic---negative, “pest”
capsize capsize ---verb, to turn over(in liquid)
concede concede -to give in, give up
patriarchal patriarchal-male-based society
fledgling fledgling –young “bird,” new to flight
indigenous indigenous- native(from that area) to a land or area
illiterate illiterate - not literate, can’t read
disconsolate disconsolate – glum, sad, depressed
descendent descendent—individuals who will continue a legacy--children
destiny destiny---one’s fate
legacy legacy---the impact one leaves behind after he or she is gone
rebellious rebellious-adj, going against, defiant, ready to fight
adversity adversity-n problem, difficulty
obstinate obstinate-adj, stubborn
perverse perverse-adj, contrary, argumentative, stubborn minded
conventional conventional (custom)-adj, usual as in practice, “normal”, “regular”
vigil vigil-n, a spiritual time of “watching” and waiting
prophet prophet-n, someone who “sees” into the future and will lead
humility humility- n quiet, modest, unassertive, lack of arrogance
Created by: Jtomp
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