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vocab (9/24/18)

vocab as of (9/24/2018)

name what do u mean???
vis/vid look
mitt/miss to send
chron/temp relating to time
mob/mot move
carn/corp flesh, body
port to carry
cept to receive
cred to believe
trans across
circum around
dis away from, opposite
contr/ant(i) against
bene good
mal bad, evil
corp body
condescend to look down upon someone
empathy caring and feeling
profound deep thoughtful
indignant angry
decorum a polite manner
rivule a tiny little trickly stream
charisma a positive, magnetic personality, a quality of charm
complacent--ADJ quiet, calm, relaxed, almost withdrawn
sullen sad or somber
concede to give in
vehement like tenacious, passionate, strong
serene tranquil, peaceful
jeer to sneer or mock, make fun of in an evil way
Retribution payback or punishment
optimistic positive “open”
capsize verb, to turn over(in liquid)
concede -to give in, give up
patriarchal -male-based society
fledgling –young “bird,” new to flight
indigenous native(from that area) to a land or area
illiterate - not literate, can’t read
disconsolate – glum, sad, depressed
descendent —individuals who will continue a legacy--children
destiny ---one’s fate
legacy -the impact one leaves behind after he or she is gone --
rebellious- adj, going against, defiant, ready to fight
adversity -n problem, difficulty
obstinate-adj, stubborn . 18. vigil-n, a spiritual time of “watching” and waiting 19. prophet-n, someone who “sees” into the future and will lead 20. humility- n quiet, modest, unassertive, lack of arrogance contrary, argumentative, stubborn minded
17. conventional (custom)-adj, usual as in practice, “normal”, “regular”
18. vigil -n, a spiritual time of “watching” and waiting
Created by: cheyenne roberts