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Unit 1 Good Citizens

Reading and Language Arts

principal the leader of a school
proud pleased with yourself or someone else
strolled walked slowly
announced made known
certainly surely
soared flew upward
worried thinking about something bad that may happen
trial a meeting in a court to decide if someone has broken the law
jury the group of people who make the decision in a trial
stand the place where a witness in a trial sits while being questioned
guilty having done something wrong
honest truthful
convinced made someone believe or agree to something
pointed used a finger to show where something is
murmur the sound of people speak very softly
block the section of a street between two other streets
spreading stretching something out
raise to collect money
figure to think
contacted got in touch with someone
customers people who buy something at a store
afford to be able to pay
earn to get something by working
foggy filled with thick mist or clouds
stretch to spread out
crew a group of people working
balancing keeping steady
tide the rise and fall of the sea
cling to hold tightly to something
excitement the feeling of being stirred up
disappears passes from sight
pronounced said the sound of
stands seats at a stadium or park or in the gym
fans great admirers
league group of people of teams
score make points in a game
polish to make shine, to make something better
style a way of doing something
slammed hit with sudden force
fine very nice
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