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-ar, -er, -ir verb vocabulary

abrir to open
aceptar to accept
andar to walk
asistir to attend
ayudar to help
bailar to dance
beber to drink
buscar to look for
cambiar to change
cantar to sing
celebrar to celebrate
comer to eat
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
conocer to know, to be familiar with
conservar to save
contestar to answer
continuar to continue
correr to run
dar to give
describir to describe
dormir to sleep
embarcar to board
empezar to begin
ensenar to teach
entrar to enter
escoger to choose
escribir to write
escuchar to listen
estornudar to sneeze
estudiar to study
explicar to explain
ganar to win
guardar to guard, to keep
gustar to like
hablar to talk
hacer to do, to make
imaginar to imagine
incluir to include
invitar to invite
ir to go
jugar to play
lanzar to throw
llamar to call
llegar to arrive
llevar to carry, to wear
llover to rain
luchar to fight
mirar to look at
morir to die
nacer to be born
nadar to swim
necesitar to need
pasar to pass, to spend time doing
pagar to pay
pensar to think
perder to lose, to miss
pintar to paint
poder to be able to, can
poner to put
preferir to prefer
preparar to prepare
querer to want
repetir to repeat
revolver to turn around
saber to know, to know how
sacar to get
salir to leave
saltar to jump
seguir to follow
servir to serve
telefonear to telephone
tener to have
terminar to end, to finish
tocar to touch, to play music
tomar to take
toser to cough
trabajar to work
utilizar to use
vender to sell
venir to come
viajar to travel
visitar to visit
vivir to live
volver to return
Created by: john.yanez85