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Crawford Bio Review

TAKS Objective 2 study cards for Quiz on Friday!

What is the science of naming and classifying? Taxonomy
What are the 6 Domains? Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
Organisms that are related generally share the same _____________. Genus
What is a prokaryote? Cells that DO NOT have a membrane bound nucleus - NO NUCLEUS!
The ONLY 2 Kingdoms that include PROKARYOTES are ____________________________. Archaebacteria and Eubacteria
3 key words to remember about Archaebacteria... Prokaryotes, "ancient bacteria", "extremists"
What are the nicknames for Kingdom Archaebacteris and Kingdom Eubacteria? Archaebacteria - "ancient bacteria"; Eubacteria - "true bacteria"
Two features of bacteria in Kingdom Eubacteria are_____________. Movement (have cilia and flagella) and Shape (round, rod shaped, and spiral shaped)
Can antibiotics kill viruses? No! Antibiotics can only destroy the cell walls of bacteria!
4 Characteristics of Kingdom Protista Eukaryotes - have a true nucleus; can be multicelular; Have cilia and flagella for movement; heterptrophic (make their own food)
This organism in Kingdom Protista produces much of the earth's oxygen and is believed to be the ancestor of plants green algae
The 4 kingdoms that are eukaryotic protista (like amoebas and paramecium); Fungi (mushrooms and mold); Plantae (plants); Animalia (us)
Kingdom has a cell wall, is multicellular, heterotrophic (makes own food); contains decomposers and ringworm Kingdom Fungi
Multicellular, eukaryotes, have cholorplasts, and cell walls made of cellulose Kingdom Plantae
Multicellular eukaryotes with NO cell wall and MOVE to obtain food Kingdom Animalia
Heterotrophs must consume food for energy
What is the difference between a vertebrate and an invertibrate? Vertebrates (like fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and himans) HAVE a backbone, whereas Invertebrates (like jellyfish, clams and arthropods) do NOT have a backbone.
Characteristics of Arthropods jointed appendages, exoskeleton, and body segments (examples include: spiders, lobsters, grasshoppers and centipedes)
Which has a cell wall: animal cells or plant cells? plant cells!
Characteristics of mammals warm blodded, 4 chamber heart, feed young milk, have hair, have diaphragm
What is another name for the Integumentary system? SKIN
What is the skeletal system made up of? bones, cartilage, bone marrow
3 types of muscular tissue smooth (lines organes like the intestines and is involuntary), Cardiac (heart - involuntary), Skeletal (attached to and moves the bones - voluntary)
What is the circulatory system? The system that pumps blood throughout your body
How do you know an organism has symmetry (is symmetrical)? Can cut right down the middle and the right side looks the same as the left (or top looks same as bottom).
Created by: jwcrawford3
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