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word kelime
lemon limon
balloon balon
radio radyo
song şarkı
coffee kahve
panda panda
hotel otel
pizza pizza
tennis tenis
judo judo
gorilla goril
cinema sinema
picture resim
cake pasta
biscuit bisküvi
yoghurt yoğurt
salad salata
sandwich sandviç
chimpanzee şempanze
kangaroo kanguru
cheetah çita
zebra zebra
star yıldız
sport club spor kulübü
basketball basketbol
handball hentbol
football futbol
hockey hokey
restaurant restoran
office büro , ofis
park park
cafe kafe
supermarket süpermarket
colour boya
dictionary sözlük
puzzle bulmaca
university üniversite
train tren
ambulance ambulans
doctor doktor
ice -cream dondurma
microphone mikrofon
orchestra orkestra
picnic piknik
stop dur
taxi taksi
video vidyo
wagon vagon
Created by: fatih_toy
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